Is the Future of Media compact not tabloid?

March 3, 2013

1_Age_v2 shoestringWith Fairfax taking The Age to a smaller more compact size toady, they don’t like you calling it tabloid, it prompted Belinda King of Radio ABC Tasmania to ask the question What is the future of newspapers and the media?

We chatted about the notion that the core of what people want is information, knowledge and wisdom and that 100’s of years ago the rise in literacy moved us from receiving this orally from the church pulpit and travelers to reading about it in newspapers.

Today we still want to “know”, but our habits and technology are different.

We want to be a part of the news, we want to know immediately something has happened and see it first hand and even report and comment on ourselves.

The static one-way communication that newspapers of old delivered their insights doesn’t offer this, but digital can.

So really the question becomes how do we re-purpose our news gathering and disseminating infrastructure to better deliver on customer expectations – an innovation opportunity every industry is coming to terms with.

Have a listen now and then make the news yourself and share how you see the future of media.

The fount of wisdom

March 14, 2012

With the demise of Encyclopedia Brittanica this week, it left Adelaine Ng of Radio Australia and I to ponder where and what information search might be like into the future.

We all know that there is an exponential growth in our desire to find stuff out.

Where once the encyclopedia and printed reference book was the fountain of all knowledge (and what every one of my school and university assignments were based on), we now prefer our knowledge to be accurate, as of this moment and accessible where and when we need it.

So, it’s not the quest for knowledge that has died, it is merely the format.

My concern is that there are 3 levels of “knowing” – information, knowledge and wisdom and that for many people the first page of answers that come up after an online search are likely to be as far as they go in trying to find the answer.

To me this is just “information” and we’re drowning it.

We need to push ourselves to convert this information into knowledge and then refine it even further into wisdom.

This is where tomorrow’s businesses and professionals will succeed, thrive and create their unique point of value.

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