Radio ABC International – Today Show – Future Tech Segment

October 30, 2009

birthWindows 7, FaceBook’s Chinese subscribers plummet from 1 million subscribers to 14,000 in 3 months, virtually giving up cigarettes, giving birth live on line, U2’s recent New York concert watched live by 10 million viewers, how to know when your shoes are work out and more were some of the topics Phil and Morris Miselowski discussed today on their weekly segment which of course included the cross to Hong Kong Radio. Recorded live 30 October 2009. Listen live each Friday at 12.15 (Aust EST)>

Radio ABC International – Today Show – Future Tech Segment

October 23, 2009

Get paid to travel the world for a year, the sexiest mouse ever, streaming music, whose spending 8 billion minutes per day on FaceBook, a live cross to segments with Singapore and Hong Kong radio and even an interview with Ian Moss (formerly of Cold Chisel) talking about his new CD “Soul on West 53rd Street” is only some of what Phil Kafcaloudes and Morris Miselowski got up to in today’s weekly Future Tech segment. Recorded live 23 October 2009. Listen live every Friday at 12.15 p.m. (Aust EST)

Radio ABC International – Today Show

October 16, 2009

virtual roller coaster
Build and ride your own Disney virtual roller coaster, get connected anywhere anytime with Wi Fi Direct, Family Guy meets Bill Gates, $1 billion of virtual goods sold this year and so much more, all on this weeks Future Tech Segment with Radio International Today’s Show host Adelaine, Morris Miselowski, and Phil in Hong Kong . Recorded live 16 October 2009. Listen live each Friday at 12.15 a.m. (Australian EST) at Radio Australia

The Microsoft Family Guy

October 14, 2009

What do you get when you cross Microsoft 7 with Family Guy? A totally sponsored 30 minute Microsoft centric episode of one of America’s most popular cartoon television shows.

This will be followed by a 12-week American college campus road tour where 4.3 million college students will get a chance to try Windows 7 and entertainment created by Fox Licensing and Merchandising such as outdoor movie nights hosted by Family Guy’s Stewie and Brian, online videos, and other customised Family Guy content and when they choose to buy they will receive a special student discount.

This is a huge investment in trying to woo the younger American user back to the Microsoft faith but come on Microsoft there are students in Australia too you know!. What about us? We can be bought as well you know!

Radio ABC International – Today Show

October 9, 2009

social-media-democracy(1)-725008Don’t trust everything you read online, Twitter talks to Microsoft and Google about data mining, using social media to choose amongst prospective employees, great website including xobni an email add on, Google Docs to replace Microsoft Office can also be used as a collaborative tool allowing many people to work simultaneously on one document and lots more as Morris Miselowski joins Adelaine, Zulfikar ABC Today Show’s co hosts and Phil in Hong Kong in their weekly Future Tech segment. Recorded live 9 October 2009.

Radio ABC – Alan Brough – The Future of Banking

October 4, 2009

future of bankingI love catching up with Alan Brough on radio ABC on a Sunday morning. This week we talked about the Future of Banking including: will we need banks into the future; are physical credit cards and money finished; peer to peer banking and micro loans, biometric security, nano technology in bank notes and so much more; so sit back, click below and listen in to this live recording.

Radio ABC International – Today Show

October 2, 2009

disney booksClick below to listen to this weeks live recorded segment where in-studio Zulifikar, Adelaine and Morris Miselowski discuss amongst many other issues Apple’s heralding of the death of the mouse and keyboard (something I’ve predicted for the past 5+ years), Google earth climate 3d map and Disney selling online access to its books. Recorded live 2 October 09