Santa OnLine

December 21, 2012

xmasLove this time of year, when we get to use technology and the digital world for pure fun as we track Santa, across the sky, take a look at what’s going on at north pole, learn the words and tunes to our favourite Christmas carols, send each other elf video cards and generally go crazy.

In this weeks Christmas segment Nicole Dyer of ABC Local Brisbane and I chatted our way through all things Christmas and even took a quick sneak peek under the Christmas tree, to see what trends Santa is bringing us in 2013.

3AW’s Mark Holden and Morris Miselowski discuss Christmas on line

December 24, 2008

In this weeks segment Mark and Morris talk about Christmas on line, tracking Santa with Norad, great kids websites, singing with Elvis (listen to Mark and Elvis do a duet), Christmas FaceBook and more, as well as listeners calls. Recorded live 24 December 2008.